Book Launch: Gaur Gopal Das’s book ‘Amazing Secrets of Life’ released in Delhi

Book Launch: Gaur Gopal Das’s book ‘Amazing Secrets of Life’ released in Delhi

New Delhi: Eminent spiritual guru and life coach Gaur Gopal Das’s book ‘Amazing Secrets of Life’ was released today at the Constitution Club of Delhi. The release ceremony was attended by several people including Gaur Gopal Das, noted film actress-writer Divya Dutta and editor-in-chief of Penguin India’s Language Publishing. After the book release, Gaur Gopal Das took part in a discussion with Divya Dutta, in which he gave an in-depth discussion on the topics of living life, stress, productivity, relationships and spiritual goals.

In today’s life of Bhagam Bhag where people have no time to eat and sleep, Gaura Gopal’s tips are very useful for the general public, especially the youth, women and the elderly. Gaur Gopal Das said that we should make life productive by sacrificing the habit of spending any time or spending time and see how we can uplift in that life. The book begins with a conversation by Gaur Gopal Das and one of his rich young friends, Harry, who he walks through the busy traffic of Mumbai and discusses the human condition, purpose of life and eternal enjoyment.

Asked why he decided to leave the profession of electrical engineer to become a life coach, Gaur Gopal Das said, “Just as life requires electrical engineers, so too does a human engineer. We cannot consider it as inferior. That is why I thought that the human beings should try to correct the mess. ”

Gaur Gopal Das said that often before doing any work, we think what the other man will think, whereas in 90 per cent cases it is wrong. He said that we have stopped seeing ourselves. We often see ourselves from the perspective of others. This is a big problem. We are with 5000 friends on social media, but in real life we ​​do not have a friend. This is the biggest reason for loneliness. People are nervous about being alone because it is such a mirror in which selfishness is seen. He said that the innocence of the youth is gratitude while the loneliness of the elderly is real. That needs to be looked at.

Speaking on the occasion, famous actress and now writer Divya Dutta said, “It is a great honor for me to be present on the occasion of the release of the Hindi version of Life’s Amazing Secret and for me Prabhu has been like a personality whose motivational talks Always brings a beautiful smile on our faces and life becomes more beautiful when you listen to them. ”

Obviously, whether you are looking for strength in relationships or trying to know your true potential or considering what can be returned to the world, this book by Gaur Gopal Das is very helpful in explaining it. is.

Regarding this book, Vaishali Mathur, Editor-in-Chief of Penguin’s Language Publishing said, “It is an honor for Penguin Random House India to publish this book by Gaur Gopal Das ji and it is not surprising that from the day it was Launched has been a bestseller since that day. Soon this book will also be available in six other Indian languages. We are dedicating ‘wonderful secrets of life’ to our Hindi readers with great pleasure and pride and hope that they too will read Prabhu Ji’s message with enthusiasm and bring it into their lives. ”

Gaur Gopal Das is one of the most popular ascetics and life coaches of the world, whose views have affected millions and millions of people of the world. His first book Life’s Amazing Secret is a summary of his own life experiences, which is written in a very simple language in a thoughtful manner and talks about the ways of living life. Gaur Gopal Das studied electrical engineering from Pune’s College of Engineering and worked for a while at the Hewlett Packard. He then started living the life of a monk living in an ashram in Mumbai where he lived for twenty-two years and tried to understand the modernity of ancient philosophy and contemporary psychology. After that he became a life coach for thousands of people. Gaur Gopal Das has been traveling around the world since 2005 and sharing his views with corporate personalities, universities and religious institutions. In 2016, when he came on the internet, his popularity as if exploded and his video was seen by millions on social media. Gaur Gopal Das has been given the title of ‘Ideal Young Spiritual Guru’ by Indian Student Parliament of MIT, Pune.

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